Veneziano Coffee Roaster

Melbourne’s Veneziano Coffee were looking for a bold, sophisticated website that would reflect the quality of their locally roasted specialty coffee. They also wanted to improve usability to fix some serious issues surrounding conversion, information architecture and user interaction.

– Year


Client –

Veneziano Coffee Roaster

My Role –

Art Direction, Prototyping, UI Design

prioritised UX and featured the modern iteration of Veneziano’s branding. The sleek, modern design set Veneziano apart from other websites in their industry, and reflected the scale and innovation of the award-winning roasters. The site was mobile-optimised (60% of users browsed the site on their handheld device) and presented an elegant user interface.

– User Journey

As Veneziano offered a few different coffee products and services, it was important users were able to find them all, and to differentiate between them.

  • Sharp visual design elements and buttons to prompt users to buy, without being overwhelming
  • Easy, updated cart that reduced likelihood users would abandon their carts.

Clear and logical pathways to the products, coffee subscriptions, and coffee training and events