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Established in 2015, Afresh metal originally named Cash4Cars provides vehicle removal services in Victoria Australia

The company prides itself on completing every job on time hassle-free with transparency and the agreed-upon offer. This leaves all customers with a professional and respectful impression of Afresh. Leaving customers with a professional and respected impression.

Stakeholder Objectives

Expanding to B2B Market

After the initial workshop, Cash4Cars and our team identified an opportunity to introduce a new service to recycle all metal parts and waste. We aimed to reach out to the B2B market and potential B2C consumers who are looking for a solution to deal with their metal waste.


Users Interview

We learnt about their B2B and B2C users through the lens of Cash4Cars from our workshops.

Throughout the meeting, the client mentions users express their satisfaction regarding Clash4Cars punctuality on time, transparency and trustworthiness regarding paying their customers with the agreed amount of money for their vehicle.

After our workshops, we did further market research through user reviews within the industry, which validated our client's comment regarding what users value the most in this metal recycling industry.

288 reviews 4.8 stars overall


Got a quote via email, confirmed the details on the phone and they could pick up on the same day. They picked up the car within the hour and honoured the quoted price. Money was in my account after a few minutes. From my experience, would highly recommend it. Thank you.

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5 stars


Very easy to work with. A quick and reasonable quote and then able to collect my car within 24 hours. Free car collection and the truck driver was very friendly and easy to work with. Money was paid and in my account within 15 mins of signing the paperwork. Would happily use it again.

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4 stars


Everyone was kind and courteous and there was no haggling over price when the driver arrived which is something that I have had issues with in the past. Would highly recommend these guys!

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5 stars

users Highlight

Confirmed the details on the phone and they could pick up on the same day.  They picked up the car within the hour and honored the quoted price

Users objectives summary

We found that their users are looking for a stress-free process to manage their metal waste. They don’t want to put in a lot of effort when organising metal waste removal, and they need an efficient and on-time service with a good reputation that sticks by their initial quotes and pays accordingly.

Here are the key summaries of what users are looking for when choosing a car/metal removalist:


A company provides a simple process for users to trade their vehicle/waste metal for money.


A company pickup their vehicles/metal waste on time without delay.


A company with a good reputation, users are getting paid with the promised amount.


We found from competitor research that customer reviews help to build confidence and credibility with their customers, an example of the social proof phenomenon. Many competitors websites focused on money-only CTAs and content, with an emphasis on false potential payments. Many use generic, carbon copy designs, it is difficult for users to differentiate one from each other.


Customers reviews help to build confidence and increase credibility for potential customers, this is a prime example of the social proof phenomenon


Website content and messaging focus on Money only, with emphasis on the false potential amount of money where normally users/customers wouldn't be able to get.
Carbon copy of generic designs, since all the car wrecking companies are using the same style of graphic/imagery and content, they fail to differentiate themselves from competitors.


The call to action section stands out to users who are required assistance immediately. The rest of the content caters to users who want to learn more about roadside assistance products.

Contents are thoughtful and relevant to users, instead of providing generic "Our 3 steps process" "Why you need this", contents illustrate real-life situations that connect with users.


Utilising imagery/content that showcases the company facility and capability, helps to build users' awareness of the company itself, thus opening the opportunity for users to move to the next stage of the sales funnel 'Consideration'.


Similar to Car wrecking websites, all the B2B metal recycling companies have a similar approach in terms of Brand and visual language.

Function/Content Inventory
Car wreckers
roadside assistance
Metal Recycling
Instant quotation form
Pricing table
Frequently asked questions
Client testimonial
“3 simple steps” / how it works
Car used parts searching
CTA menu sticky button
Product/Service USP
Define users & problems

User Personas

Mark, 27 - Bartender

Mark is a bartender and uses his car daily. He is currently living with his partner sharing the same car (his partner uses it during the day and he uses it at night). They have been saving up to get a new vehicle. Now that Mark's car has given out, they have decided to just get rid of it.


Overwhelm by choices
Time sensitives

Goats & Needs

Find a time that suit him and his partner
Need a pick up service for his vehicle

My car just broke down, I already spent a lot of money trying to fix it previously, I am not doing this again, let's just wreck it...
Rick, 42 - Project Planner

Lives in Brooklyn with his wife and 3 kids, rick requires his own mode of transportation for work. There are 3 Vehicles in this household one for himself and one for his wife, the third one being his old Volvo. Rick wants to get rid of it so they can have more space in the garage. 


With so many companies around his suburb, he finds it difficult to determine which one is trustworthy. 

Goats & Needs

Effectively communicate the degree of transparency and how the process works in a professional manner. 
Information about paying the price that was agreed upon 

My old Volvo has been sitting at the garage for 2 years now. I haven't renewed its registration and won't in the future, frankly this is just a waste of space. 
Beth, 37 - Hobsons Bay City council 

Beth has been working with the city council for 4 years now, managing day to day tasks. Recently the council has been under resourced, and Beth has to look into road management issues. She is trying to find a 3rd party contractor to get this abandoned car removed and would like to find a company that has a good reputation and proven track of records so that it matches the council's requirements. 


Not familiar with the industry
Can't afford to spend more time on research 

Goats & Needs

Positive reviews and transparency on the service
Find a company that provide B2B service 

Our current contractor is not available right now, we are looking for someone else to get this task done asap. 
Problem statement

Looking for a metal recycling company could be exhausting with so many options in the market, there are a lot of companies that lie about their payment, not arriving on time, these issues plague the industry, lower user's expectations and trust (General customers/B2B)

Ideation & Design

Visual Design

New business, New Identity

A new branding and visual approach that allows Afresh Metal to present itself as progressive and professional for B2B users.

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Brand Colours

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Brand Elements

USP content & Testimonial

Emphasis on environmental safety and its professional service, as a provider of excellent customer service, these are the keys to stand out positively in the industry.


A calculator that shows how much customers get paid with their metal waste, building rapport and reassuring Afresh is a business focused on transparency.

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Calculator (1)

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Calculator (2)

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Price List


The designs emphasis on Afresh metal as a environmentally safe, trustworthy, professional, honest company. A provider of excellent customer service. These are key differentiating points to stand out positively in the industry.

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Blog & post

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Homepage (B)

What I learn

Reflections / Next Step


While the client is satisfied with the result of "Afresh", there are concerns that the business/website's message is not focused enough on the "B2B" aspect, since the client decided that "Afresh" still needs to cater to a border audience.

Next steps

Montioring traffics by using Google Analytic and hotjar, strategise on creating more content that attract BSB customers

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Prototype on figma

Version 1.0 (Also known as “design as intended” version). Check out the prototype here!

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