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LAB3 is an award-winning technology provider. The specialist in cloud-based solutions that help businesses to streamline their processes.  Improving employees productivity and modernising customer environments increase their services/products quality as a result.

As one of the fastest-growing companies, its current site with dated information no longer be adequated to the growth of LAB3, thus our task is to design a new website that aims to showcase capabilities and strengths.

Stakeholder Objectives

STEpPing into leadership

After the initial workshop, stakeholders want to generate more leads from the site, accelerate LAB3 sales by increasing the volume of the Data & AI service. Also, they want to validate and exhibit its capabilities to users, promote company culture. LAB3 wants to stabilise growth by taking on more regulated industries such as mining, government and finance.


Users Interview

Prior to our meeting, LAB3 has conducted their internal user interviews, they have found out most of the users who land on the LAB3 website often fail to find relevant information or content, they also experience difficulty navigating the website. Stakeholders expressed concern that if users fail to understand what LAB3 does as a business and they will turn to LAB3's competitors.

users Highlight

When I land on the website, everything is a bit confusing, I am not quite sure what LAB3 provide as a service, just don’t know what it does...

Users objectives summary

We have identified two groups of main users visiting the LAB3 website, business-oriented  (CEO) and technical-savvy (CTO). Both groups of users share a similar goal – Finding useful information.

Here are the key summaries of what users want to learn from LAB3 website:

LAB3 Technology, IP

Website content should focus on how LAB3 utilising technology (Microsoft, Hashcorps, Data IQ, Dell…) to automate businesses in different industries.

Referral Authority

Showcasing existing tier one clients, providing track records that guarantee ROI and generate more referrals


Disclose result, ROI data/number on each project, facts and statistics hold their weight to LAB3 potential clients.


With the booming in the technology industry in recent years, LAB3 has doubled its size with it, whilst no doubt that LAB3 is an award-winning contestant in the industry, but at the same time it is competing up against some other industry giants, so let's take a look at what these competitors did with their online presence.

Deloitte branding element, green orb illustration

Have a large amount of press, articles, case studies, reports (research), which helps to emphasise Deloitte as the industry leader + Dynamic search function


Indifferent website structure, Deloitte presents itself as more of a media website which can be confusing at times and hard for users to find the information they are looking for

Datacom logo

Datacom's website has an effective information architecture, information is easy to find. Designs, layout and visual language are consistent, users won't get lost in different pages.


Minor issues with some content being lengthy, but this could be due to the complex nature of the industry

A cut colourful Robot illustration

Out of all the competitors, AC3 seems to put the most effort into their content, really well use of language and tone, this is the prime example of how great written content manage to reach its audience


In the comparison of its content, AC3 brand/visual design leans more toward casual and playfulness, instead of sophisticated and corporate. However, this approach could be intentional

Function/Content Inventory
Client portal (Sign-in)
Extensive menu structure
News (Latest stories, press)
Case studies / Reports
Client testimonial
News Subscription
Global Search
Product/Service USP
Define users & problems

User Personas

Dharmesh, 44 - CTO

Dharmesh understands the technology needs for organisation growth. He has been reaching out to his network for a suitable provider. Dharmesh would like to learn all the specific and technical details of a specific technology. Ideally speaking, he would like to establish a long-term partnership.


Lacking information regarding each service/solutions
Can’t get a full grasp on a company’s full capabilities

Goats & Needs

Finding the right solution
Streamline company processes

In order to improve our company’s process, it is clear that we willneed to implement [X technology], the cost of developing such would be massive and hence we are better off to outsource this
SAMuel, 52 - CEO, CFO

Samuel is looking for modern technology solutions that can enhance his company’s performance and process, some companies seem like suitable candidates. Before he will approach any of them, Samuel needs some data/evidence for convincing.


Overwhelm by technical terms used to describe its service
Lack of tangible evidence that would guarantee success

Goats & Needs

Looking for cases studies that build up his confidence
Understanding the relationship between technology and his business operation

Modernising our corporation’s process would be our top priority, we are actively looking for solutions that modernise processes.
Problem statement

LAB3's website(Old) content and information architecture lack clarity, resulting in users failing to understand what solutions/services they are offering, let alone comprehending LAB3's capabilities and strengths.

Ideation & Design

Visual Design

IA, information foraging

We have improved navigation flow and created the missing INTERNAL pages to encounter the previous problematic approaches like menu-links that open up a "PDF" or an external site.

01 / 03

Solution page header

02 / 03

List of solutions under different principles

03 / 03

Full screen mega menu


Take a closer look at LAB3 existing content, analysing what can we keep, discard or expand on, such as case studies that are lost in the mix of "News/blog" in the old site.

LAB3 culture

Building a company autobiography. Credit the staff members behind the scene who make LAB3 unique and showcase the company culture, attracting and retaining the right talents.

01 / 04

New page for company culture

02 / 04

Latest press release and clients showcase

03 / 04

A step by step breakdown on each solution

04 / 04

Outlining key success in each case study


To achieve the goal of this project, we have to dive into and understand how LAB3 operate, their business proposition, promises to clients and its uniqueness compares to their competitors, then we proceed to implement new features, content for the new site that is relevant to users.

01 / 03


02 / 03

Call to action

03 / 03


What I learn

Reflections / Next Step


After the website is being developed, LAB3 started uploading their content internally, unfortunately, there are potions of content that require editing and curating, which results in some breaking of layouts/designs. Despite this issue, the new website manages to reduce bounce rate and generate leads for LAB3.

Next steps

Need reiteration on the certain layout/design to retrofit contents, collect data and base on performance to adjust the ongoing content strategy.

Figma software logo
Prototype on figma

Version 1.0 (Also known as “design as intended” version). Check out the prototype here!

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